This is VIXI

The first real-time 3D social broadcast platform for live events.

It delivers amazing visual experiences by integrating your fans’ social posts with broadcast quality graphics. It is easy to use and provides insightful analytics for you and your sponsors.



Get ready to put your fans directly into the gameday experience. With Vixi’s dynamic 3D social board, transform your stadium into a socially driven visual experience for your fans and sponsors.



Designed with your imagination in mind, Vixi can be tailored to the look and feel of your concert or festival.



Vixi’s open architecture can be employed to create socially driven micro games and other branded interactive experiences.

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Real- Time Broadcast Graphics

Vixi allows operators to create powerful real-time rendered 3D visualizations through customized templates with a wide variety of controls from lighting to animations.

Sponsorship Integration

Seamless sponsorship integration creates brand exposure and additional revenue streams for clients.


Vixi provides a host of analytics to help teams and events discover what drives fan engagement.

Operator Controls

Vixi’s powerful UI is designed for the most demanding control room environments but can easily be operated by anyone who knows how to use a smartphone.

Engage Your Audience

Vixi puts your audience front and center into the live experience. Your audience’s participation will shape the event presentation in new and exciting ways.

White Glove Customer Service

We are there to help every step of the way from onsite installation and training to technical support. Consider it the Vixi concierge at your service.
Vixi in Action
Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl 50

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USC: Conquest 2015

USC: Conquest 2015

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NFL UK 2015

NFL UK 2015

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